Junior Homework 22/02/2016


Purple Stripes

Four corner block x 20 (both sides)

Middle, Low, Rising Block x 20

Front kick double punch x 20 (both sides)


Orange Stripe

Four corner block 1-8 x 20 (both sides)

middle block reverse punch x 20

Sajo jirugi 1 and 2 x 10


Yellow Stripe – Yellow Belt – Green Stripes

All sajos x 5

All patterns x 3

Highest pattern x 10

Low Block Rising Block/Middle Block Reverse Punch

Set sparring applicable to your grade x 10 both sides


Green Belts – Red Belts

Kicking side, back, turning, front x 20 each

circular block, knifehand guarding block, twin forearm block x 20

All patterns x 3

Highest pattern x 10

Set sparring for your grade





Junior homework 1/10/15


Purple Stripes                   25 x rising block

15 x 4 corner block

15 x sajo jirugi


Orange stripes                   Same as above

Also 25 x middle block reverse punch


Yellow stripes And above  

Practice NEW pattern (all the    moves  you  currently know) for 30 minutes

Practice 2 new moves from pattern 30 times each


100 x front leg side kick double punch

Practice your competition pattern 20 times

Junior Homework 21/7/15


Purple/Orange Stripes 

20 x   Rising Block

5 x Sajo Jirugi 1 and 2

20 x Side Kick


Yellow  to Green Stripe

5 x Sajo Jirugi 1 and 2

3 x All Patterns

20 x Side Kick

20 x Low block/rising block

20 x Middle block reverse punch


All other grades

20 x Side, turning, back and front snap kick

3 x All patterns

Choose any two blocks from your patterns and practice each x 20




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