Junior Homework 22/02/2016


Purple Stripes

Four corner block x 20 (both sides)

Middle, Low, Rising Block x 20

Front kick double punch x 20 (both sides)


Orange Stripe

Four corner block 1-8 x 20 (both sides)

middle block reverse punch x 20

Sajo jirugi 1 and 2 x 10


Yellow Stripe – Yellow Belt – Green Stripes

All sajos x 5

All patterns x 3

Highest pattern x 10

Low Block Rising Block/Middle Block Reverse Punch

Set sparring applicable to your grade x 10 both sides


Green Belts – Red Belts

Kicking side, back, turning, front x 20 each

circular block, knifehand guarding block, twin forearm block x 20

All patterns x 3

Highest pattern x 10

Set sparring for your grade