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1.    Am I too old to learn Taekwon-Do?

No. you are only too old if you believe you are too old.  One of the regular, most enthusiastic, people in our organisation is 76 years old and still competing.  Taekwon-Do can actually keep you looking and feeling young.


2.    Is Taekwon-Do dangerous?

No. Training in our schools is never dangerous.  Your safety is a major concern for us.  All our instructors are fully trained in safe practice and modern training methods.  Safety equipment must be used in sparring and this must be PUMA passed.


3.    I am not fit. Can I still learn Taekwon-Do?

Yes.  Many people start Taekwon-Do to get fit.  Taekwon-Do is very physical and you will be encouraged by you instructors.  However, you will never be expected to do more than is advisable and safe for you.  Patience is key to progress.


4.    I am not flexible at all.  Is that important?

No.  Many people start Taekwon-Do without being flexible. Flexibility is important for high kicks but high kicks are not essential.  However, you will become flexible as you train more.  Like all martial arts we engage in safe stretching which improves flexibility.


5.    How long does it take to get a black belt?

This is not the right question.  Everybody is different and all people learn at a different rates and in different ways.  On average, if you train 2-3 times a week then you can acquire a black belt in just under 4 years.  However, it is the journey that is important and not the destination. The belt is merely a measure of your competence in Taekwon-Do. it is the competence, and your experiences whilst gaining it, that are important and not the measure.


6.    How long before I can defend myself?

Self-defence is mostly a state of mind.    Awareness of surroundings and threats is the best self-defence and you will work on this in classes.  We will teach you the techniques that you can use to defend yourself in about 6 months; however, only you will know when you are confident enough to use these skills.


7.    Is it dangerous for children to learn Taekwondo when their bones and body structures have not been properly formed yet?

No.  Taekwon-Do training stimulates children’s physical and mental development. Our instructors are child-safety trained and Children are not required to do the same load bearing exercises as adults.


8.    What is all the bowing about?

Taekwon-Do is an eastern discipline and bowing is a common method of showing respect in the east.  It seems a little strange at first but after a while it becomes second nature and you may even find yourself bowing to friends and family.


9.    Why is everyone shouting?

The shouting is called a Ki-ap.  It is a breathing exercise that involves exhaling air whilst performing Taekwon-Do techniques.  The idea is that breath, body and inner-energy work together to concentrate power into a single motion.  There are other benefits too….

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