Children’s Classes

Our children’s program will teach your child core values such as discipline and respect. By starting at an early age, they will develop positive habits to last a lifetime. We believe in bringing out the best in your child and have designed our classes to be entertaining and informative.

With training in Taekwon-Do, the content of the classes and the way they are run, the children will develop:

  • Self confidence, self control, self esteem and self discipline
  • Respect for adults and for each other
  • The value of setting goals and working towards them
  • Non-violent techniques in conflict-resolution
  • How to overcome a bully or gang situation
  • The Taekwon-Do training will channel their energy into their Taekwon-Do skills
  • The way the intruction is given and broken down for the child, you will see a great improvement in a matter of weeks
  • The training in Taekwon-Do promotes individual and group activities which will develop, (1) Communication skills and (2) Group interactions/activities

Quality Martial Arts For The Whole Family