PUMA Martial Arts UK

The Professional Unification of Martial Arts (PUMA)

Oxfordshire Taekwon-Do are also part of a larger national organization called the ‘Professional Unification of Martial arts’ (P.U.M.A.).  PUMA consists of over 100 Taekwon-do schools throughout the country.  Thus we are able to offer:

  • Regular national and local competitions
  • Winter and summer training camps
  • Seminars with 7th and 8th Degree masters
  • Squad training for dedicated competition sparring
  • Annual free PUMA day martial arts event
  • Training for free at any of 100 PUMA UK schools

 Who are PUMA?


PUMA is an exciting association run by highly skilled professional instructors, with collectively over 100 years of teaching experience.

PUMA consists of over 100 taekwondo schools throughout the country. Our aim is to provide everything that any martial art student could ever want, including weapons, grappling, self-protection and much more.

The whole purpose of every instructor within the association is to help their students achieve their ultimate goals in life whether it be fitness, self defence, self esteem or self control, so that the art can continue to flourish in years to come. Hence the saying “you can always do better than you think!”.

PUMA promises to always strive to put the interests of the student first, whether they are coloured or black belts.

Mr Raymond Gayle
PUMA Chairman

PUMA was formed on the 1st of September 2000.

For more Information on P.U.M.A. UK check out there website:



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