Korean Terms

Korean Terms

This is a short dictionary of the common Korean general terms used in Taekwon-Do.

 General Terms

Front Ap
Back Dwit
Side Yop
Obverse Baro
Reverse Bandae
Low Najunde
Middle Kaunde
High Nopunde
Left Wen
Right Orun
Forwards Apro kaggi
Backwards Dwiyro kaggi
Inward Anaero
Outward Bakaero
Attention Charyot
Bow Kyong ye
Bow to instructor Sabum nim geh, kyong ye
Ready Junbi
Start Si jak
Break/cease Hechyo
Stop Goman
Rest/relax Chose
About turn Dwiyro torro
Return to ready stance Barol
Dismiss Hae san
One Hanna
Two Dool
three Set
Four Net
Five Dasool
Six Yosool
Seven Ilgop
Eight Yodoll
Nine Ahop
Ten Yoll
Eleven Yoll hanna
Twelve Yoll dool
Twenty Soo mool

Sparring Matsoki
Free sparring Jayoo matsoki
Semi-free sparring Ban jayoo matsoki
3 step sparring Sambo matsoki
2 step sparring Ibo matsoki
1-step sparring Ilbo matsoki


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